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Jesus, heaven, disbelief, hell, (Luke 16:19-31)   

Excuse me. Jesus loves you very much.

Do soul, heaven and hell really exist?

Wouldnt it be great if all lives finally end at the moment of death?

 If I were to die at midnight tomorrow, would my soul be able to go to heaven with 100% certainty?

Have your soul truly been saved by Jesus?

All human being will be judged by Jesus at the time of death and

will be rewarded or punished according to the actions they had taken throughout their lives.

There is no exception whatsoever regardless of their status.

It is said that 400 of the 800 prophecies in the Bible have been realized exactly as prophesized.

The Book of Revelation of St. John depicts the end of the world through judgment by Jesus and

if you are in the age bracket of 60~70 years now,

you will be able to see Jesus descending to the world on cloud to make the final judgment.

Although the accurate time cannot be known,

it appears to be not in too distant future on the basis of various evidences.

The Second Coming of Christ will be shortly after

the instatement of 666 beast government upon the completion of disasters of trumpets.

(Chapter 14, verse 14 of Revelation)

As a reference, the powers of anti-Christ assumes presidency of the USA

following the retirement of President Trump,

the timetable for the judgment at the end of the world by Christ can be known more accurately.

(666 beast nation system is the spiritual viewpoint for annihilation of 100%

of Christianity of the world led by Satan.)

By this time, following the establishment of the unitary government of the world

through merger of 10 national groups,

those who receive 666 sign of the beast

(it is presumed that bankcard functions,

location tracking functions and remote neuropsychological control functions will be built in such mark)

 (inserted in the right hand or forehead)

will be sent to hell after 42 months with 100% certainty (Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation).

At this time, make sure you refuse to receive 666 sign of beast,

do not betray the grace of the Cross of Christ and

choose martyrdom in order to receive special spiritual blessing of becoming

the protagonist of the kingdom of millennium with incomputable value.

New World Order. The unified nation of the world is 666 beast government.

(Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation)

According to the Chapter 13 of the Book of Revelation,

the sea beast is the USA and of the land is Roman Catholic.

The Bible records that the powers of anti-Christ will decapitate all those

who do not bow to the idol and refuse to receive the 666 sign of beast.

At this time, the souls of all martyrs who are decapitated for rejecting the 666 sign of beast and

refusing to bow to idol (status they made) will be resurrected to receive

the special benefit of participating in the kingdom of millennium and

sent to heaven upon the completion of the kingdom of millennium.

Rather than being decapitated and sent to heaven,

be lifted (to Christ on cloud) by being reborn with water (Words of God) and Spirit.

If you are not lifted, we sincerely pray that you will be led to heaven by electing martyrdom.

How can one be saved by Christ and go to heaven?

Through prayer of true repentance, you will receive the Spirit of Jesus as the present and

Spirit will lead you into the Words of Bible.

Lets all go to heaven by being saved by Christ through obedience and

submission by acting in accordance with the commands of the Bible.

Have you seen the photograph of the actual Noahs Ark of approximately 4,500 years ago

and the photograph of heaven captured by the space telescope of NASA?

Does soul really exist? All your senses, thoughts, spirits, mind and feelings are the domains of soul.

 Soul wears body like a garment and once soul leaves the body, you end up dead.

The soul will then be judged and your destiny is divided between heaven and hell.

Soul never perishes and it is said that the appearance of

your soul is exactly the same as the appearance of your body.

Soul, hell and heaven really exist, and Christ is the God.

Regardless of the religion you believed in

(Buddhism, Islam, Hinduism, Roman Catholic, Judaism and shamanism, etc.),

Christ will accept all those who receives Him and repent sin because

Christ is the God of love and will give Spirit as a present and evidence of salvation.

We sincerely pray that you will believe in Christ,

receive salvation and go to heaven to live forever with Christ the God.

No one can enter the heaven without believing in Christ.

Why? Because Christ is the God and has the key to heaven and hell.

How great is the spiritual blessing of entering the heaven?

If you received the citizenship of heaven from Christ as a present

and some extremely rich person offers the deal of exchanging the ownership of everything

in the universe with the citizenship of heaven you received,

would you be willing to make that exchange to live in the world as the richest man for a short while,

only to live forever in hell with devils, ghosts, snakes, insets and pond of sulfurous flames?

Is it even possible to compute the value of the citizenship of heaven?

Receive this blessing along with your family.

View the photograph of actual heaven here ( www.jhdh.org ).

Lastly, we pray that you and your family will be filled with the enormous blessings of Christ.

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